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The 3 Must-Have Facebook Ads That Double Course Sales (In Less Time and Without Hiring An Expensive Ad Agency)
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When: Thursday, January 21st at 1 PM EST
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Lisa Stoops
Facebook Ad Strategist
Hi! I'm Lisa and I help my clients create 5 and 6 figure launches, sell courses on evergreen, and book more calls with Facebook and Instagram ads. I've also scaled up my own six-figure business with the help of Facebook ads.

During This FREE Training You'll Learn:
    ✨ The top 3 ad mistakes to avoid a course launch disaster
    ✨ The 3 must-have Facebook ads that you need to get more course sales
    ✨ How to get your ad in front of the right people
    ✨ The key to getting those people to pay attention to your ad
    ✨ Exactly how to get them to take action 
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